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Our wood and faux wood Horizontal Blinds beautifully complement any wood flooring or furniture. Faux wood blinds provide the same style as real wood blinds, but offer even more durability. They’re also not affected by moisture, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms. Our aluminum blinds are simple, durable and affordable. Comfortex Odysee Cellular Blinds operate just like horizontal blinds, but they’re made with soft fabric (like a cellular). Plus, the vanes can fully compress to offer a clear view and expand to one-inch cells to give amazing privacy and insulation. Choose from a variety of rich stains, paints, slat sizes and lift options. Also available: Cordless (for child safety).


Ideal for

Fauxwood blinds are ideal for bathrooms and garages because they are not affected by moisture.

Aluminum blinds are a simple, durable, and affordable option for any home.