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We Offer Professional Installation With Our Blinds

Man in hat and glasses installing blindsThe Blind Factory is your one-stop shop for blind repair, new installation, commercial work, and more. Since we first opened our doors over 36 years ago, customer satisfaction has always been our top priority!

If your blinds are broken or outdated, you could be due for a replacement. However, trying to replace your blinds on your own can be a huge hassle. That said, leave the installation job to the experts here at The Blind Factory.

Our professionals have decades of experience in the industry.

Common Blind Measuring Mistakes

The Blind Factory team is here with reliable measuring and installation services. While this process seems like something you can handle yourself, it’s more complicated than you think.

Take a look at some of the common measuring mistakes homeowners face, including how we can fix the problem:

Measuring the old blinds

When trying to purchase new blinds, many homeowners make the mistake of measuring their old blinds instead of the window opening. This can lead to buying blinds that are too narrow.

Assuming all window openings are the same size

When purchasing multiple blinds or shutters, you can’t simply use the measurements from one window. While they appear to be the same size, they may be off by an inch or more. That said, be sure to always measure every single window.

Taking measurements smaller than the window opening

Before buying new blinds, always measure the entire length of the window opening—not the size you want the blinds to be. This can result in buying blinds that are far too small. Blind installers make the calculations and deductions for you, so always measure the window opening from edge to edge.

Failing to measure the right areas

Homeowners should always measure window openings in three different places; the bottom, middle, and top. While no two window openings are identical, it’s also unlikely that your windows are perfectly square. Make sure you have these calculations on hand when purchasing your blinds.

Get Your Custom Quote Today!

Once you have taken measurements, come to our showroom to pick out your perfect window treatments. Once we know the style and measurements we can get you a custom quote with an experienced team of blind and shade professionals. Once you decide to place your order, The Blind Factory will ensure the proper measurements are made every single time. We even double-check all of our calculations to make sure your blinds fit perfectly. Furthermore, you can count on us for exceptional blind installation service.

After we take the necessary measurements and install your blinds, we ensure all components are working as they should.

As windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, this can make it challenging to find a quote. Here at The Blind Factory, we simplify the quoting process.

To get a custom estimate on your next blind installation project, contact us today.