Luxurious and Affordable Plantation Shutters in Columbus, OH

If you’re looking for high-quality custom plantation shutters in Columbus, OH, look no further than The Blind Factory. We offer a wide variety of shutter styles and colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home décor. Our shutters are made from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, so you can be sure they’ll last for years.

Custom Plantation Shutters in Columbus, OH, by The Blind Factory

In search of the ideal home improvement concept? It’s time to give window shutters some thought. Since ancient times, shutters have been used as a window treatment. A window treatment can completely change the look and warmth of your home, whereas most homeowners concentrate on other parts of the design. At The Blind Factory, we have luxurious and affordable custom plantation shutters in Columbus, OH that will match your home’s style and architecture.

Choosing plantation shutters requires careful consideration of the overall atmosphere you want your space to have. Do you want your home to have a traditional vibe with double-hung shutters or a more traditional feel with clean, wide-open windows? There are countless design alternatives, and we can help you with the options, prices, and best deals available.

Benefits of Choosing The Blind Factory

  • A wide variety of shutter styles and colors to choose from. At The Blind Factory, we guarantee to provide the best solutions available in the market and excellent service to our valuable customers is our top priority. We are pleased to offer Color Lux window coverings from Comfortex, a leader in the window treatment business.
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship. We make sure the correct dimensions are taken each time you decide to place your order. To ensure that your blinds fit precisely, we even double-check all of our calculations. After we collect the required measurements and install your blinds, we check to ensure all parts function correctly.
  • Experienced and professional installation team. You can rely on us for outstanding blind installation service in Columbus, OH. Excellent customer satisfaction has always been our top priority since we opened our doors more than 36 years ago!

Plantation Shutter Options – Styles, Colors, and Materials

Plantation shutters are also known as plantation blinds. These classic and elegant window coverings come in different styles and materials and are available in different colors. 

Plantation Shutter Styles

Full-height plantation shutters

These shutters ​​give clear, precise lines that span the entire window. A mid-rail can frequently be added to full-height shutters to expand their versatility and gain advantages like dividing the way the slats work.

Tier-on-tier plantation shutters

This is an excellent option for windows when a high level of privacy and light control are required throughout the day and is frequently seen on bay windows but is also available on all window shapes.

Cafe-style plantation

These shutters are only installed in the bottom part of the window. These allow light to enter the room through the top window while maintaining privacy at the bottom, which is perfect for situations like sitting at a table.

Solid shutters 

These shutters are ideal for cozy environments. They feature solid panels that, when closed, provide total seclusion. Additionally, they serve as a barrier against noise and weather, providing the utmost comfort and safety for your home.

Plantation Shutter Materials 

Plantation shutters are made of various materials, each with its strengths, variants, color options, levels of durability, and price ranges. These trendy options are very different from the ancient wood shutters in the South.

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters have a lovely natural charm of their own, thanks to the patterns and grains in the wood. They are strong and work best with big shutters that have wide slats. Several color variants and stains are available for various types of wood, particularly semi-transparent stains that enable more color options while letting the wood grain show through.

Composite Plantation Shutters

These are durable and more affordable than real wood ones, but they cannot resist the same amount of damage as natural wood. Other names for composite include engineered wood, artificial wood, and faux wood. 

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl offers a wide range of color options and is the least-priced material for plantation shutters. These vinyl shutters are appropriate for wet environments like bathrooms and kitchens since they frequently contain PVC or aluminum supports to prevent warping or drooping.

Choosing Plantation Shutter Colors

Brightly-Colored Shutters

A homeowner with a distinctive taste can decide to add color to their inside window treatments in addition to their home’s outside shutters, which are typically painted in vibrant hues.

Bright White Shutters

Although pure white shutters look stunningly brilliant in some rooms, bright white shutters are timeless and attractive.

Dark-Colored Plantation Shutters

Dark plantation shutters give every room a sense of elegance, and other shades can add a lot of personality to your home. Additionally, they can absorb more sunlight than white. 

Traditional Shutters Vs. Plantation Shutters

If you want shutters for your home, you can choose between traditional and plantation shutters. While both styles have benefits, the type you select is determined by your personal preferences and decorating style.

What Are Traditional Shutters

Also known as Colonial shutters, they were first used as window coverings in New England. The tiny, narrow louvers are the primary design feature of traditional shutters—an angled slat known as louver permits or prevents light from entering a space. Due to the smaller distance between each slat, traditional shutters work better with smaller windows than larger ones.

What Are Plantation Shutters

These shutters were positioned outside houses to cover the windows and block the sun’s heat. These days, they are also employed as inside window coverings in homes across the United States, and they are seen as a more modern alternative to traditional shutters.

The Timeless Design and Style of Plantation Shutters

Nothing is more wholesome in terms of home improvement value than raising the caliber and effectiveness of your windows. Our homes receive light, warmth, and beauty from the windows, and they help us feel more at ease, especially in small spaces. 

Although a completely open window fascinates us, maintaining our privacy and safety is essential, right? The best line of protection against invaders is to prepare your home and yourself for unfavorable circumstances. We don’t want anyone to invade our private spaces, and given that it’s not always sunny and bright outside, we also need to consider environmental elements.

The timeless design of plantation shutters won’t bore you  if you’re searching for seclusion, style, or the ability to block or let in the sun. Although traditional plantation shutters are fashionable, they effectively achieve the desired look without being distracting. Today’s brands come in various louver sizes, colors, and materials and always offer a finishing touch. They have the advantage of being equally functional and fashionable.

Experience and Expertise You Can Trust 

Shutters are the most attractive window treatments and are best at regulating airflow and sunlight. They provide insulation throughout both cold and warm weather. They preserve the general beauty of the space in which they are positioned, whether open or closed. Shutters are the most attractive window treatments and are best at regulating airflow and sunlight. Visit our showroom to review the many styles we offer and meet with one of our window covering specialists today!

Plantation Shutters FAQ

Are plantation shutters hard to keep clean?

Curtains are difficult to keep clean and are dust traps. The sturdy and less likely-to-shift louvers make shutters easier than blinds.

Do plantation shutters darken a room or do they block light?

Plantation shutters can let in all the natural light you want and allow you to control the amount of light entering your room. With plantation shutters, you can let in as much light as possible to brighten a room that feels dark or block the amount of light that filters in on bright, sunny days to keep your room cooler.

Do plantation shutters block out cold?

When shutters are closed, they provide an insulating barrier between the air within the window and the outside air, adding an extra layer of insulation against the cold and, in essence, thickening your glass.

Are plantation shutters energy efficient?

Because they are fitted in such a way as to seal tightly against the window frame, plantation shutters are energy-efficient. This aids in preventing both the entry of outside air and the egress of internal air from your home.