Affordable Blind Repair in Columbus

We Offer Blind Repair

Here at The Blind Factory, we specialize in high-quality, affordable blind systems. But while we sell some of the best products in the industry, we also provide top-notch blind repair services!

While your blinds can work great for years, problems certainly happen over time—it’s a fact of life. So, if you need your blinds fixed in the Columbus, Ohio area, give The Blind Factory a call today. We have an experienced team of specialists who can handle most repairs in a timely manner.

Here are some of the typical blind issues we can help with:

Broken Slats

If your blind slats are broken you can drop off your blinds at our showroom to be evaluated. Our experts have years of experience in the industry, and we can fix broken slats in order to keep your blinds looking brand new!

Faulty Cords

Your blind cords are essential to a properly working blind system. These cords make it easy to open and close your blinds. However, these components can also experience issues. They can get caught up in your blinds and throw the entire system out of whack. Whether your cords aren’t working properly or they’ve been chewed up by your dog, we’re here to help!

Tilt Mechanism Issues

Another important element of a blind system is the tilt mechanism, which is typically a wand or cord tilter. This part helps your blinds tilt to their desired position. If this piece isn’t working correctly, it may be difficult to get your blinds to move.

If your tilt mechanism isn’t working as it should, The Blind Factory team would be happy to take a look! We can fix the mechanism, test out all the components, and leave your blinds working and looking great.

We Can Fix Your Blinds!

If you’re searching for professional blind repair in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than The Blind Factory. We are happy to be a family business that’s been around for over 36 years! While we specialize in selling a large selection of blinds and shades, we also have unbeatable solutions.

For more information about our blind repair services, contact The Blind Factory today.